Is European Health Insurance Card The Replacement For E111?

European-Health-Insurance-CardAny time you’re planning to travel within Europe either for holiday or business, it is very important that you ensure that your family is well covered. In the sad eventuality that you get involved in an accident or illness, you may find yourself facing huge medical bills in a foreign EU country. The European Health Insurance Card is your surest protection against all such; it enables you access medical attention in over 31 nations across Europe.  If you or anyone in your family requires urgent medical attention, you can always seek treatment at the host country’s equivalent of NHS.

  • The E111 was replaced by the European Health Insurance Card in 2006. People with E111 cards that are about to mature can renew their cards into valid EHIC. Here in the UK, the process of applying for a European Health Insurance Card is absolutely free, and can be done online on the UK government website. Usually, tourists visiting other EU countries would comfortably rely on E111 to cover them during travels, but this is no longer the case.
  • However, for someone who has never done this before, the process could be a bit tricky. There are agencies out there that help residents fill in their EHIC applications, check and ensure that all details are correct and everything in order, before submitting them. Such agencies do so for a small fee, and have great experience doing such. Usually, one just needs to fill an online form inclusive of their personal information, and NHS number.
  • It’s worth noting that the E111 cannot be used in any of the European economic Areas or in Switzerland. This is because with the promulgation of the EHIC, E111 was rendered redundant. It’s thus crucial that you upgrade and see to it that you’re on the safe side. With the European Health Insurance Card, you can always walk with your head held high anywhere across the EU.
  • You must however check the rules and regulations of EHIC in the EU country you plan to visit. Some countries will let you enjoy treatment at subsidized or lower costs, while others do so absolutely free. For instance in Romania, which is a EU country, one has to have been insured for a duration of not less than 5 years, before they are eligible to use their EHIC in the country. Thus before you travel, always take a moment to acquaint yourself with the host country’s rules and regulations regarding EHIC. You can read more information on and apply for the EHIC online if you like to take it with full advice as well.
  • Among some of the countries where EHIC is valid, include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and so on so forth. Even Switzerland accepts the use of the European health insurance card despite it not being a member of the European Union.
  • Even as there are reports and indications that the UK may take longer to negotiate its exit for the EU, the use of EHIC is expected to be here with us for as long as one can see.

The European Health Insurance Card is your surest protection against all such; it enables you access medical attention in over 31 nations across Europe.

2016 – Top Electrical Contractors In London

Electrical-ContractorsLondon is a huge, cosmopolitan city and the need for electrical contractors keeps growing. Today, electrical contractors to help repair electrical faults in homes, businesses, install new gadgets like fire alarms, CCTV, Multimedia Integration, fitting power showers,  designing electrical systems for commercial entities; all these and many more make electrical contractors very sought after in London. When it comes to finding the best or the top electrical contractors in London, things get a bit tricky. This is because it all depends on what you are looking for, and what factors you are using as the yardstick to measure exactly which contractors are at the top there. You’ll have to ask yourself a few questions before deciding who is really the top contractor around;

  1. How skilled is the contractor; different electrical contractors have different skills and specialties. Some specialize in fixing display lights, power shortages, replacing fuse boards, fixing refrigerators and freezers, installing CCTV, and so on so forth. Others like SOS Electricals, one of the leading Contractors in London, offer all services under one roof.
  2. How experienced; being qualified is one thing; have experience is another. If you are after good electrical contractors worth finding a spot at the top should be highly experienced. For over 10 years, SOS Electricals has been in the frontline, offering quality electrical repair and installation services to Londoners. Our electricians are all rounded and capable of carrying out just any task, as long as it is electrical related.
  3. How reliable; people don’t just want a contractor who’s qualified and experienced, but also one who’s reliable. Someone who can undertake the client’s project, and complete it on time as agreed. Someone who can show up on short notice in case the client has an issue that needs to be checked out.

In Summary;

If you were to compile a list of the top 5 electrical contractors in London in 2016, SOS Electricals would surely rank among the first. We have the expertise, the experience, and professionalism to ensure that you’re always satisfied with our services.

Best Studio to hire in London fro your photography sessions

When you are looking for studios to hire in London, there are so many options for you. So how can you decide which to pick and hire for your requirements?

In this short post we will talk about the best place for hiring and why they are best! Now what is the name of the best studio in London?


It’s non other than 69 drops Studio which provides the best photo studio London you can see they have been in the business for so many years now and know how and what to provide when it comes to providing the best place for you all in London.

It’s very important when it comes to photography studios, you go to a place which has god lighting and a nice environment. Because otherwise your shooting could really be messed up and bad for you all.

More than a price, your goal should be hire a good place in London. That way you and all the people who comes for the shooting you must must always care about the people who participate on the work. They would only prefer to have a goof place.

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Mencap Workshop Held at Lewisham Islamic Centre

MENCAP Hold Workshop at Lewisham Islamic Centre

“For Teachers and Parents of Children with Mental Health Disabilities.”
On Wednesday the 4th of May Lewisham Islamic Centre organised a workshop by Mencap Lewisham for Staff and Parents.

Mencap at Lewisham

Lewisham Mencap is a charity that works with people with learning disabilities to change laws, challenge prejudices, and offer support to allow them live their lives as they choose. The Workshop was delivered by Mary Olaniyi who is the Coordinator and Family Advisor for Lewisham Mencap.

The workshop was very beneficial as it gave attendees an insight into what services are available for people with learning disabilities, and also how Staff and Parents could best access these services and support.

Lewisham Islamic Centre understands the great importance Islam places on supporting the vulnerable and needy in the Community. In a statement of his, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

‘Allah gives support and help to those who support and help the weak and needy amongst you’.

Lewisham Islamic Centre would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended this workshop and especially to Mary Olaniyi from Lewisham Mencap for delivering a very beneficial workshop.

Lewisham and Mencap

For the Lewisham Islamic Centre contact details please follow the link.

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