Best Studio to hire in London fro your photography sessions

When you are looking for studios to hire in London, there are so many options for you. So how can you decide which to pick and hire for your requirements?

In this short post we will talk about the best place for hiring and why they are best! Now what is the name of the best studio in London?


It’s non other than 69 drops Studio which provides the best photo studio London you can see they have been in the business for so many years now and know how and what to provide when it comes to providing the best place for you all in London.

It’s very important when it comes to photography studios, you go to a place which has god lighting and a nice environment. Because otherwise your shooting could really be messed up and bad for you all.

More than a price, your goal should be hire a good place in London. That way you and all the people who comes for the shooting you must must always care about the people who participate on the work. They would only prefer to have a goof place.

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Mencap Workshop Held at Lewisham Islamic Centre

MENCAP Hold Workshop at Lewisham Islamic Centre

“For Teachers and Parents of Children with Mental Health Disabilities.”
On Wednesday the 4th of May Lewisham Islamic Centre organised a workshop by Mencap Lewisham for Staff and Parents.

Mencap at Lewisham

Lewisham Mencap is a charity that works with people with learning disabilities to change laws, challenge prejudices, and offer support to allow them live their lives as they choose. The Workshop was delivered by Mary Olaniyi who is the Coordinator and Family Advisor for Lewisham Mencap.

The workshop was very beneficial as it gave attendees an insight into what services are available for people with learning disabilities, and also how Staff and Parents could best access these services and support.

Lewisham Islamic Centre understands the great importance Islam places on supporting the vulnerable and needy in the Community. In a statement of his, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

‘Allah gives support and help to those who support and help the weak and needy amongst you’.

Lewisham Islamic Centre would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended this workshop and especially to Mary Olaniyi from Lewisham Mencap for delivering a very beneficial workshop.

Lewisham and Mencap

For the Lewisham Islamic Centre contact details please follow the link.

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Hire only UK Local SEO consultants for you local business optimizations

If you are looking for an SEO consultant in UK, who knows how to rank effectively on the web, then you should be knowing who has the best skills that can be helpful to rank better. There are so many SEO services consultant that comes from India, but have no idea about how to rank in the UK. Even though they did, that’s just for a little short while and then, those sites they rank are vanished. Because most of the Indian search engine optimization guys are niche, even bloggers and they think their spam techniques would work for the commercial business rankings.

Especially if you running a local business in London, you should be getting a ton of daily inquires from Indians who said to be good at SEO, however unless they are well trained and having experience most of those young SEO’s are pure spam artists and they will surely kill you website from ranking on the web for long time. Because SEO is long time and you must aim to rank you business websites for years to come, if you really want to make them profitable.

See on the below videos why you should be hiring an SEO specialist for your business?

Now you see the point. This is the most important digital marketing technique that you should be using for you business in 2015 and that will greatly help you in building a profitable local business. So without any hesitation do only hire an UK SEO specialist for all your based search engine rankings. Because it’s always good to use someone in you own country rather letting some outsider screw you platform.

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Featuring the JunkWay Clearance Company

As a blog that brings forward the most authentic businesses in the world, today we thought about featuring one of the best waste clearance services companies in London, United Kingdom. And they are well known in the city as JunkWay Clearance company.

As licensed rubbish removal company they have been in business for a while now and when looking at the customer reviews and their Facebook page, we can see how much of an greater work they are doing for London.

The teams at the company are fully trained and they know how and what to do when under taking any caliber of work in the city. We spoke to some their past customers and they all highly recommended that hiring JunkWay was a good choice and they would highly recommend the company for anyone that is looking for rubbish removal London.

With that been said if you are interested in knowing more details about JunkWay or simply hiring them for your house clearances, flat or even office clearance requirements, without hesitation do hop over their website at and ask for a free price quote and got ahead with getting rid of your junk and helping London keep clean and awesome!