How to hire an employment Lawyer in London United Kingdom?

 Employment-Law-AdviceLabour law or employment mediates the relationship between employers and employees and between unions and government as well. Therefore, finding an employment solicitor who can at least offer solid legal advice shouldn’t be a daunting and time consuming task, to say the least, but is it really like that? Actually, no it isn’t.

It’s hard to find good solicitors in London and it can be a devastatingly long process because there are many scam artists and charlatans out there who simply won’t get their job done because they’re not good at what they do. That is the harsh reality, but to spare you all that hassle we have come up with a list of certain traits you should pay attention to, when picking an employment solicitor and here it is:

• Make sure your solicitor practices employment law only
• Choose a solicitor with competitive rates
• Make sure they have a practical and approach
• They must be friendly and highly professional at the same time

Best Employment Law Solicitors in London

After you compile your list of the best employment lawyers London, who all have a great reputation and meet your criteria and personal preferences, you have to make sure that solicitor or the law firm you pick covers a wide variety of employment law areas such as:

• Unfair dismissals
• Claims regarding discrimination
• Tribunal representation
• Claims regarding wages
• Claims regarding breach of contract
• Dismissals and maternity claims
• Disciplinary procedures
• Redundancies

In the end, it’s safe to say that finding the right one, among many different employment law solicitors in London, is indeed far from an easy task, but take your time and make the right choice because that is the only way you will be happy with the services you will have to pay for, in one way or another. Finding a person that you trust and feel comfortable with will definitely pay off in the long run.

Hope the above content gave you and comprehensive idea about how to go about getting advice from expert employment solicitor for your legal requirements as a business or as an employee. And if you are looking for more detailed information about employment law services, you may visit or contact Rahman Lowe Solicitors in London.


UK Supreme Court is the highest Court in the Land – Documentary

UK-supreme-courtThey are the UK’s most effective moderators of justice and now, for the initial time, four of the Justices of the Supreme Court talk truthfully as well as openly regarding the nature of justice and also how they make their choices. The movie provides an unveiling glimpse of the human characters behind the judgments as well as checks out why the Supreme Court and its members are essential to our democracy.

The 11 men as well as one woman which comprise the UK Supreme Court have the last say on the most controversial and also hard instances in the land. Exactly what they determine binds every resident. Yet are their rulings consistently fair, do their sensations ever before obstruct of their judgments as well as are they always right?

In the first 14 months of the court they have ruled on MPs’ expenses, which resulted in David Chaytor’s prosecution, transformed the condition of pre-nuptial agreements and coped the government over control orders as well as the Human Rights Act.

They detail what occurs when they can not agree and also there is a divided judgment, as well as just how they stay clear of allowing their personal feelings effect their analysis of the legislation. And also they deal with up to the tough concern of variety; there is just one woman on the court, and she is the only Justice who went to a non-fee-paying college.